In the Island of Skyros, every year is taking place one of the most impressive and, of course, traditional carnivals. It starts from the first weekend of the Carnival and culminates in the Clean Monday.

Cast of the Carnival, the "Old Man" dressed in pimples, and the traditional shoes made of leather, the wheelchairs. She also wears a hooded hood and a sheepskin mask, she is bred with 30-40 bells of sheep and holds a sheep stick. The old man moves in rhythmic steps, causing a loud presence due to the bells. The companion of the old man is the guy who is traditionally a man dressed in feminine clothes, dancing around the old man shaking the scarf. When he rests, he sings a slow-moving, slow-blowing task with a lot of "tugs," the Korrelitic. This custom begins at the beginning of the Triodion and repeats every Saturday with the culmination of the last four days, the alley flooding with the sounds of the bells.

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